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Finding Freedom: A Homesteading Family's Journey Through Life's Challenges

Welcome to Strength and Serenity Homestead.

My name is Kennedy- the ringmaster of my own delightful circus, where chaos reigns supreme, but I'm convinced it'll all make sense... eventually.... maybe. As the proud mom of four incredible kids, I've embarked on a mission to carve out a simpler, more fulfilling life in the midst of this beautifully crazy world. from juggling schedules to herding cats (I mean, children), I've learned that laughter truly is the best medicine. So, here's to embracing the madness and finding humor in every moment. join me on my journey of self-discovery and sustainable living as I navigate the ups and downs of homesteading. Through this blog, I aim to share the invaluable lessons I've learned and pivotal points of my personal homesteading odyssey. From cultivating the land to nurturing a harmonious lifestyle, I invite you to explore the trials and triumphs that have shaped my understanding of the homestead environment.

a turtle resting in grass

As a homesteading family, we've come to understand that our life goal isn't to become the richest, but rather to create a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle for our loved ones. Embracing this mindset, we've focused on leveraging the resources we have naturally to provide for our family as much as possible. we've implemented a variety of money-saving strategies, such as completing projects one at time and finding ways to utilize the innate abilities of the animals on our homestead. Additionally, we've maximized our available space to not only create fun and engaging activities for our children but also to facilitate valuable learning opportunities. By embracing this resourceful approach, we've found that financial struggles can be overcome through creativity and a deep appreciation for the abundance that surrounds us.

Onto the early days of our homesteading journey, we were a comedy of errors to say the least. We stumbled into each adventure with all the grace of a herd of spooked cattle, convinced that any misstep would lead to spontaneous combustion or imminent disaster. Our descent into chicken raising was a perfect example of our naivety, with my husband left scarred and me narrowly avoiding being declared a "flight risk." Fast forward to the present, and we find ourselves surrounded by a flock of delightfully demanding chickens and goats with personalities as strong as a double-shot of espresso. Through it all, we've learned a valuable lesson: life on the homestead is a crash course in learning opportunities, with each bit of newfound knowledge proving to be worth its weight in well, chicken feed. Lesson number two? life is a beautiful, chaotic symphony, complete with chickens laying eggs in the most inconvenient places and goats plotting their next great escape. who needs reality TV when you have a homestead?

Thank you for joining us on this rollercoaster ride of chaos and beauty that is homesteading. Your support and interest mean the world to us as we continue to navigate the highs and lows of this fulfilling lifestyle. If you have questions about homesteading, thoughts to share, or topics you'd like us to cover, please don't hesitate to reach out. keep an eye on our page for our latest offers and resources- were always eager to share what we've learned along the way. If you know someone who's as intrigued by homesteading as we are, please pass this along to them. After all, what's life on the homestead without a little shared truth and laughter?

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